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dredged this out of my draft posts. some bits more in the history of the app:

So what’s been keeping me up at night till 2am? :way too much development troubleshooting.
Way too much stupid wrestling with lousy appcelerator.

The trouble with this Android -iphone war is that both platforms are so good and tempting. That it is still difficult to develop for both at the same time. Sometimes I just wish that one would win already and we can all concentrate on it and everyone in the world would be able to easily communicate with one another. But the conflicting reality is that both wouldn’t be that good if the other did not exist. Haha.

Progress progress. I hope to have more good news to update soon.

I am jealous of V who has a Desire HD. Because it has a 1.5gb internal storage. Wow thats soo useful. Dang. plus her 32GB SD card – so unfair. Haha. But nvm I have a well configured and rooted phone.
I don’t think phones should be used to play silly games. In that some games are less silly. So ppl, esp adults, should play more complicated games that actually match their brain power (insert joke about ppl without brains).
I think phones are being insulted with bejeweled and angry birds. I’ve outgrown angry birds already.

I wish javascript wasnt that different from java isn’t that different from objective-c.

saved drafts

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