Ruby on Rails on Google App Engine

and the impossible number of problems that one runs into whenever trying to do anything code related.

Testing: Ruby on Rails 5.1.2 application to run on Google App Engine Flexible environment.

I wonder if running Ruby-2.4.1 on laptop vs the Ruby 2.3.3 on GAE will cause a problem….nvm.

Apparently GAE Flex can now run other languages by managing it inside a docker container behind that scenes. Well lo and behold, we would no longer need to set up Compute Engine, Container Engine and the likes. Let’s see how well this could possibly work as the community document is rather scarce, and the official docs are pretty lame by running a sample Rails app within gcloud cloud console instead of deploying a real-life app from desktop.


  1. First problem, production env key. Stupid Rails keeps doing this.
  2. GAE requires a /_ah/health check. Why can’t they be more upfront about this instead of failing stupidly in the background
  3. Realised the repeatedly deploying adds more versions into GAE, oh it doesn’t replace each other. I’m such a GAE noob.
  4. GAE version cannot be deleted unless it’s not serving. Oh. Then why make me wait so long to throw an error. Dumb GAE
  5. So many errors upon trying to stop/delete versions. Dumb GAE
  6. Need to add a controller and roots. Dumb me

Oh look it’s running finally


and also managed to route the domain too. Okay.


Ruby on Rails on Google App Engine

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