I decided I should write more about what I think. Or at least for today. It is a blog after all right?

I thought that the road to the india lab was bumpier than I recalled. I hated it more than usual. But that might be because I’m not feeling well.

It was hard to talk with a sore throat, I hope I did not sound too funny. How embarrassing.

The driver on the way back asked if we could stop for “2 minutes” for him to buy some medicine. I went like “what!?”, “why!?”. And he didn’t say anything further. So I guess either it wasn’t that important or he was frightened off by my reaction. Totally should not even be asking such things on the job.

I think Facebook and Instagram are way doomed. Everybody has some ill feelings towards Facebook, and Instagram has just sold out to evil. Sigh. We thought better of you. Before this, you were just snobbish. Now, you are snobbish, foolish, and moraless. This article is nice.

Kinda annoyed with the IT manager at work. I am not liking incompetent or under competent people as managers. I think I can’t work with people who can’t get their sentences straight.

Rather annoyed at MIA CEOs too.

“Rose” refers to the french word for Pink. I had forgotten it.

Avatar is a boring movie. The primate girl is so lame and emotional.

Oh yes I wanted to make my blog more tumblr-like, but I didn’t get very far. I did add to display category tags on the posts though.


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