A view from a rooftop, to another.

Courtyard angular
One of the best additions to Esplanade. Yep it wasn’t part of the original building.
Glints of sunsets. The casinos in the depths carry on.
The possibly intentional durian. After all, it’s the Arts.
The Courts, the city, the church, and a different kind of skyline.
LOL. Spotted this young couple climbing up onto the roof to take photos. It must be an incredible spot to take great photos. Against the skyline, against the spikes.
I would think they would have liked to keep this photo of them. Youth.
Been years since I’ve been to Library@Esplanade. All the CDs, scores…
A non soundproofed practice room seeps out music from the clavinova. What lovely background music.
“Who is Schubert?” he said. Oh dear me.
Astounding place. You can be inside a library, eat, talk, listen to music, and bring materials over. And have nice big tables and power. Wow. No wonder it is so crowded.
Before I forget. Two men on the bottom right. SG guy and monk-looking guy. SG guy trying to explain to monk-guy about Christianity, Jesus, and how Jesus and some blood thing and the blood thing is important because shedding of the blood symbolizes forgiving of sin and it Must Be Blood and something. I thought omg what a lovely day and lovely view and he is worrying about the importance of blood. Can’t do the same story without the blood? The world will end without it?

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