RI 2000

Went back to Raffles Institution today! took some pics on the way back, of what I remember best about the place. Or rather, some of the things that I can take photos of. I love that place as much as I love Paris. Just so good to be back, to find out that so much of it looks the same, and also quite a number of things have changed. And to remember more things that I forgot was there! the whole campus is full of fun! whee. seems like HC’s MAF really made me go back rather often. sheesh. but RI rocks more.

1. walk to sch from Bishan MRT. the long pathway by the tracks. did i ever throw anything down? hm. i dont think so.

somehow always stuck at the junction

is that their new arrogant tagline? eh

and that’s where i first started playing tennis. din like it at that time.

design and art building. nope din like those classes then. but a preferable waste of time compared to home econs

did it use to be a carpark? we couldnt decide. memories fail us

school grounds

odd directioned driveways. i guess 10 years back it din bother us.

the lovely porch

our own stamford raffles bust


admin office was only good for like applications

everyone loves the atrium area. ah are those headmasters.

the circular open areas were crucial for out-of-class interactions and general havoc.

green grilles are useful for climbing. esp when gates are locked.

if you’ve stayed with me till the bottom of the post, you will now see the original Orson Scott Card books that i read way back then. in this very same library. my goodness.

RI 2000

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  1. jx says:

    Lovely campus! So many nice nooks and crannies for hiding and havoc =)
    And OMG I love the library. It’s so pompous and English I love it!
    10 years…

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