Just to wrap up my last bits of India this time round.

Flew from Hyderabad to Kolkata on Kingfisher airline. Pretty decent. I do hate vegetarian Indian meals.

Landed at Kolkata airport. like OMG what is this mess. thankfully the driver was there to pick us up and just race through the traffic and lousy roads and bumps and insanity. It is really fitting that calcutta’s yellow ambassador cabs and traffic are so infamous.

Back to Oberoi hotel. Ordered some supper coz the plane food was so lousy. Two bowls of soup, a plate of smoked salmon (not my idea), and some bread. at midnight. it was very relaxing to be out of the traffic. really. anyway the cool thing was that the butter container (bottom right on the tray, enlarged in 2nd pic), had like ice water underneath the butter. cool. and we half watched some stupid monster show on the tv. dumber than Twilight, can you imagine. lousy channels.

let’s forget about the crappy day at work and the lousy traffic again. SIA plane is also very reassuring. I couldnt/didnt sleep. Watched Hurt Locker.

[a view of lit screens at night. about 2 or 4 am, depending on which timezone you are in]

i just liked the idea of an empty tray table.

what i always do.

might be the first time i was sick of india and indian food.


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