Recommendation engines

Having been on the Internet for much of the past decade and more, it’s been stunning to see how it has evolved. Yes it has, by a lot. The social media platforms, the YouTubes, the other big platforms, have grown and grown and grown into billions of viewers, billions of contributors, and trillions of pieces of content and even more metadata. 

The feel also changed, the feeds changed. It might seem like it was just the mix of people and the mix of content that has changed, but hey perhaps like the american elections and this guy has said, the recommendation engines are partly to blame. 

It’s crazy, isn’t it, that the recommendation algorithms, optimized for innocuous metrics to up engagement, watch time, retention time, repeatability and many more innocent concepts have and seem to promote undesirable material simply because the human mind just seems to love gossip, wild stories, imaginative news and the lure of tabloid content. There must be a reason tabloids and gossip does so well. Hah. It’s dangeous. 

I hope more people are able to distinguish between the truth and the fake, the good and the bad, the real and the unreal, but like our poor sad little human minds, it might be hard to escape the mental clutches of logical fallacies, dreams vs realities. 

Recommendation engines

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