Ready Player One

Book by Ernest Cline, about an immersive virtual reality system in a sci fi world.

It’s not that groundbreaking a movie, but it does capture the heart of geeks and nerds with its endless namedropping of 80s and 90s trivia, video games, pop culture and what not. Probably a collectible, like all the things inside the novel itself. Really shows why the tech world is so obsessed over the current VR craze, which possibly is still a fad until the technology improves more, until the costs comes down more, until the network connectivity and the backend servers and services can keep up more.

I mean, come on, people are still paying so much for rate limited mobile “broadband” services and home internet services – how can internet access even be ubiquitous like this, how can VR ever be ubiquitous like this?

Still, a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Ready Player One

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