Skimmed quickly through a book by Donald Miller – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I learned while editing my life. Yes I suppose it was as rambly as the title.

I saw it as a book largely focused on the concept of a story. A story as some meaning, purpose, direction, project that you are taking with your life, that you identify with, that you align your path, character along with, that you use to spur yourself on, start yourself off. Something, anything, a meaning. People without a strong or meaningly or enticing story then latch on to another, or feel dispirited and lost.

He also mentions how to write a story, how to make it enticing, attractive, exciting, emotional. He mentions how characters need to have flaws, need to be perceived as good, need to overcome obstacles to read a goal, and to make it better, need to Sacrifice something or sacrifice themselves for a Purpose. True blue elements of storylines. Perhaps not all storylines, but the simple ones. Always works. Always tears-inducing.

Maybe life isn’t always so simple. Maybe it can be so simple. Maybe we just need to follow this formula.

And then there was the amusing Avery Monsen’s All My Friends Are Dead. A great kiddy book. It is so funny. These books have such straight up humour.


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