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Aaron Swartz took his life a few days back. That had a profound effect on the tech community. It was a really sad loss and I never knew how much this genius did. He contributed to the RSS spec (which I use extensively), Markdown (which I’ve wanted to try out), and other movements. He was so young, and so bright. He was so smart that I would actually dare to call him smart, genius, talented, words that I feel are too commonly abused by too many people. He did much of this at the ages of 14? 18? wow. Work that other programmers admired and found elegant.

There is a long story behind his suicide, and here is an article supporting him.

Here is an awesomely made page:

Here is a recent article on Aaron Swartz’s personal site talking about The Dark Knight:

and the accompanying links that came off the last page, super fascinating:’s_dilemma

My brain loves this food. I know about a few of them!


Anonymous hacked and posted this up on a page:

You were the best of us; may you yet bring out the best in us.

-Anonymous, Jan 13, 2013.

Readings of the day

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