Well, I know multi-posting sprees sortof flood your brain and get you all confused, but I just can’t resist posting things sometimes – there’s so much to see and talk about on the nets.

Here’s a great photo on Flickr – click here to link through. It sucks that I can’t put up the photo here coz I’ll totally credit the photog. It’s cool though. And her photostream has tons of other intriguing stuff. Namely what caught my attention was the distinction between Restricted (Artistic), as in really artistic and not crappy censorship rules, versus pornography. <– I mean, hey, we’re all adult enough to talk about such things.

So there are some really fabulous photos out there that really convey a great sense of emotion and beauty. I wants to have nice photos too. Better if it’s of myself, but one can’t wish for having a great photog as a friend just like one can’t wish for a great chef as a wife. cuz that’s just so not that point of having a friend or a wife.

It’s the weekend! (so what :] )

It is always important to have a character, a meaning, an identity. It is always important to be free.

Liberté. :]


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