Next time someone tells you they want an -insert name of desired phone or tablet or gadget or item-,  ask them what do they want it for? What are they going to do with it?

It is pointless to chase hardware for the sake of chasing hardware. And not that many people do that, really, even if they think they are. Dig deeper. They will not be able to tell you the answer.  Maybe they want to have the same thing as their friends, maybe they want to look good, look smart rich updated, maybe they want the bigger screen to watch movies, maybe they want a newer phone because it is assumed to work better.
What if, even if camera phones were allowed in camp, we would still bring small nokias because the battery can last a week without charging outfield and it has built in radio. What if we don’t hate the army but we hate not having a choice and they offered no illusion of choice.

No presumptions.


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