Punggol in Creative Vintage

One of the lovely paths

I thought I would do a photo series, all rendered in Google+ Photo’s Creative Vintage filter for no reason at all. Here goes.


P1120129-2 P1120130-2

Cycling in Singapore is horrible. The pedestrian paths are too narrow because the govt likes to plant grass and trees, the roads are too crowded with overwhelming number of vehicles and narrow lanes, the weather is warm (read HOT) and humid. Oh well, city life.


Juggling the camera and handlebar and not getting hit by the bar. _haha


Like pretending to be wild


Tired of Vintage filter yet? “Everything looks better in Vintage” Too many photos these days are covered in filters — I blame Instagram. I would prefer to go the way of VSCO film-looks, but that’s gonna take too much time to go through, so…G+ filters it is. Despite the horrible interface and lagginess of cloud uploads and filters, and limited options, I gotta admit it’s convenient and fast.

P1120132-2 P1120139-2 P1120133-2 P1120172-2

Cycling is best on empty quiet days.

P1120149-2 P1120141-2

LOL Signs. Perhaps look up at the sky for current weather.

P1120148-2 P1120145-2

Lalang land, if you get what I mean
Think you can catchcheatingspouse(s).com hiding in the lalang? Or perhaps just to-be-NewlyWeds doing their (pre-)wedding photoshoot.
This is how the govt plants trees. Obviously they suck at it.
I mean, Nature was doing a great job before they came along. This was just left of the same spot.


P1120176-2 P1120174-2

Before I forget, the view from the (very concrete) Punggol Settlement is of this beautiful shipyard in Johor Malaysia.

P1120173-2 P1120171-2



P1120169-2 P1120168-2

You better know how to find your GPS coordinates. Seriously, I can’t even imagine how to do that off the top of my head.

P1120164-2 P1120161-2


Punggol waterway/track is an awesome place to jog / cycle / hang out. Do visit it if you haven’t. =)

Punggol in Creative Vintage

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