Pixel 4 leaks

It’s stunningly incredible how much the Pixel phones leak out each year, and in still debatably convincing ways. You’re not quite 100% sure it’s an engineered leak, although it is really suspicious.

How suspicious? Every year (and for many other phones), you get leaks of controversial changes, like removal of headphone jack, removal of fingerprint sensor etc, to soften the blow yeah, and also some general physical design stuff like shape, size, colors.

But, importantly, there are always some pretty fancy tricks that aren’t revealed or properly leaked out until days or the day itself. Which I guess, given the massive operational machinery and huge hype, is bound to happen.

Things that should get announced that haven’t yet leaked, and which we are eagerly waiting for:

  • price of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, and regional pricings.
  • New next-gen Google Assistant behavior, and functionality.
    Frankly, even announced Google features hardly come to everyone around the globe, much less unreleased features. LOL.
  • It’s going to be a #madebygoogle event, so there should be new Google Home devices, especially the Mini II.
  • Other new format Google Home/Nest family devices
  • New earbuds?
  • New AI-driven devices like Lens
  • New country availabilities for Pixels.
  • Pixel Stand II
  • ? Pixel Slate II – unlikely
  • New fancy phone/assistant features to rival Duplex/Call Spam filtering. Call Waiting assist is already rumoured but seems to be a later rollout, though possible to be mentioned.

What else could we hope for? Nothing very much actually, these are already pretty sizeable AI/ML chunks, if they could launch Live Captioning, Next-gen Assistant, Lens X.0, and all that on launch day, it would already be way more smarts than other 2019 smartphones – which only claim to have wider and more zoom lenses – meh.

Well, not to forget the Face Unlock (with all its reliability and security and privacy needs), and Soli, two main solid features worthy of a new phone and which we’re all already done and over with.

One more month to go. Looking forward to another 1am SG time keynote. ugh. At least most likely I will be on leave at that time this year! woot.

Pixel 4 leaks

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