Pixel 3a

My gosh, ever since Nexus 5, proper Google phones have been rising in price year on year, to insanely high Pixel 3 levels. This year, finally finally finally the 3a launches with a good(better) price USD400++, SGD 659.

Sure S$659 is still a mouthful, but you no longer have to run the risks of shipping it to a local US forwarder, pay shipping, pay GST tax (or avoid it), and then have a no-local-warranty handset. That’s not quite worth it. Well the price difference needed to be huge to be worth it.

So the Pixel 3a has a top of the line camera module and software like the Pixel 3. Almost identical save for small inconsequential changes – no wide angle selfie and narrower portrait mode. So what, I think most people don’t use advanced camera features. The important bits like the good portrait mode, good default balance, good default night mode (non Night Side), and the wonderful Night Sight. Probably the video stabilization too. All this is there! It will take a bit more time to render the final image but that’s not a issue for most.

The Pixel 3a is the phone where I will just direct people to, especially if I know they are not into phones for top specs, changing phones yearly to burn money, need the reliability, won’t appreciate the built-in Titan M chip, Google level security, signed images, monthly security patches, and at least 3 years of android versions. It will work, and it will run all the default google apps very very well, and the company will not burn up like HTC, or is super loss making like Sony and LG’s mobile divisions, or Razer’s stupid foray into phones, or Motorola’s fickleness, Nokia’s fickleness, Huawei’s weird unintelligible interface (to me) and uncertainty on updates and chasing new fads. Samsung does well in most aspects, but it’s got Samsung’s gaudy tastes, and poor android version updates. Buy a Xiaomi Mi mix? How many months will it entertain you? Really, few people think long term when it comes to how enjoyable your phone is in the second or third year.

No, if someone needs a workhorse phone that can support them, and be reliable, and have a reliable company behind it, just get the Pixel 3a and not worry about things.

If you’re the type to need to ask for advice, get the Pixel 3a.


Pixel 3a

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