Dear Dr. Adler,
That test that you asked me to take knew how I felt. I did feel blue. I did feel sad. I did feel bored most of the time. But here is what I need to know: when I feel happy, what color will that be? Because I know that the red pills were supposed to make me feel better. But I stopped taking them because they were red and they made the whole world blurry. [Jonathan]

Dear Dr. Gregory,
I know that I wasn’t supposed to stop taking my medication, but I didn’t think that those little pills were big enough to fix everything that was wrong with me or save me. They were so small. [Jonathan]

I wish that Jonathan had always taken his medication. I wish that he were still alive. I wish that he were still my husband and that I were still his wife. [Jonathan’s wife, Sara]

[Dear Everybody]


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