Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel

(Annoyingly, the terminology of smart-“gadget” has stuck. Smartphones, smartwatches, etc.)

So we have the category of smartwatches that are all the rage last year and this year. Well two years ago Pebble (and other much less successful companies) came into the picture, and then in 2014 the platforms started putting in the groundwork for watch and wearable integration, and now 2015 I think alot of it will come to fruition.

2013 v1.0 with super buggy app.
2014 stagnation in terms of serious features / functionality
2015 v2.0 announced with some proprietary Timeline thing, some sensor equipped watch band integrations, and same epaper screen same battery life. prob will do okay, it’s like a Kindle niche market, surviving despite all the tablets out there. Pebble Time was horrifically bad design, not rugged, not sleek. Couldn’t they make one version that is for outdoor use and one version for dressup use. Right now the kiddish interface is messing up the Steel. ohgosh.

Android Wear
2014 released v1.0 with basic usable features and a few initial watches. familiar issues of short battery life, odd designs, uncertain use cases.
2015 prob gonna seriously improve onto v2.0 with more functions, better design (Huawei Watch), more integration, more stable ecosystem.
(They really need to make Google Now more useful/urgent/relevant, rather than this i-happen-to-look-at-it stream of random data.)

Apple Watch
2014 announced
2015 release. having seen all the other competitors, it should have a decent start out of the gate in terms of functionality and design. but who knows it might be a disaster. physical design won’t change for at least 2 years as Apple tends to let manufacturers and developers settle in. the first iphone was quite horrible, the first ipads were big and heavy and clunky.

Small fry like Samsung Gear watches (totally horrible, ugly, low functionality, poor battery), LG, etc, etc.
I’m sure they manage to squeeze in a couple drops of decent functionality but the critical thing here is that they will not have the deep integration with your phone OS (effectively your other apps, your other data, your cloud services, and with Google – the deep learning and predictive.)

(I’ve been trying to use my Pebble 1 as much as possible because I know it will get outdated and useless soon. Won’t last forever like an analog watch will.)

Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel

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