over engineered

I saw this post http://ma.tt/2014/08/exploring-ubiquiti/ and realised how much crazier networking equipment you can buy off Amazon at relatively affordable prices (as compared to normal consumer routers). HMMMMMMMMM.

EdgeRouter Lite ERLite-3 512MB 3 Ethernet Ports Router
Crazy Router. Able to transfer 1 Million packets per second. Wah. Only does routing, no switching, so you gotta buy another network switch, and wireless access point.

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AP Enterprise WiFi System
Apparently very good range. Powered over Ethernet, so you can mount it on the ceiling with only just a PoE cable, no need power brick. Can extend multiple, but need an always-on PC to manage. bah.

Peplink Balance One Dual-WAN Router (BPL-ONE)
Dual WAN router. Able to take in two internet connections. If you need that kind of failover. 8 port GbE switch. Load balancing…

Cisco SG200-26P Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch, 24 10/100/1000 Ports, PoE and 2 Combo Mini-GBIC Ports (SLM2024PT)
26 port GbE, fully PoE, IPv6, blah blah blah.

Smart Lock for unlocking doors with phone. I think this tech isn’t mature/stable yet.

Connect home devices to net. Again, unstable tech. Need to consolidate under a major player. Like Google with Nest? I don’t think Apple is in the game yet. Sonos seems meh.

Good stuff that got bought by Cisco, blah. Super hipster cloud enterprise network management.

over engineered

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