osx gvoice violins music

This post is to celebrate my hackintosh =) After a few days of late-night troubleshooting and attempts, it works! considerably faster than what I did last year. and it didnt work last year. So OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard with minor customization of the setup files. Installed using Empire EFI and vanilla 10.6.3. And one particular audio kext i cant recall the name its in the guide. Some funny comments seen during verbose boot/installation but it seemed to pass through fine. Graphics auto worked on reboot. DVD drive still not working. Windows NTFS hard drives all recognized. wireless keyboard and mice worked automatically. So far so good. i’ll have a separate post on how to install osx, and also lots of ways to make bootable drives.

Comments on OS X vs Win 7:

1. both are fast. Ubuntu 10 was also fast. yeah.

2. the osx windows are so much more svelte. i really need lots of space to multitask. good. i still cant stand the windows aero ones.

3. mac office 2008 does not support visual basic scripts. what? and it has more limited functionality and programs from the suite. hm. this might be a problem.

4. photoshop in osx starts up oddly fast.

5. lightroom is easy to port. itunes is a royal pain. as painful as installing osx. okay maybe less, but i havent succeeded satisfactorily yet.

6. osx screenshot function is gd. how come nobody mentioned this to me before? but if u’re on windows, try fscapture, i like it ALOT.

7. osx needs better maximise functions.

8. win7 is darn good at autodetecting hardware and autoinstalling drivers. for my printers…everything. i guess its good at windows PCs like osx is good at mac PCs.

9. osx still needs more programs, customization and games. maybe i havent found them yet.

10. darn those ppl must standardize their partition file systems. so many different types in the world is a pain.

11. safari 5 is pretty good. does not beat firefox or chrome though. i want more choices.

12. still tempted by a MBP.

Also, thanks to B, I now have my Google Voice account @ (646) 77 00 747. I can now receive and send USA smses through gmail! and i can receive voicemail! wow so useful. More for fun than anything else.

How I did it:

1. Request for an Invite from Google.

2. Wait a long time

3. Get the invite. Proxy to a US server to pretend to be in US. For me I SSH-Tunneled into the Bluehost server where I have an hosting account.

4. Do the Google Voice setup = Select Options, Select Google Phone Number, Use B’s US number to activate the Google Voice account, need at least one real number.

5. Once my google number is working, go to SIPGATE, activate a free temporary SIPGATE account/number using my Google Voice number. So now I have a US SIPGate number

6. Replace B’s number in Google Voice with my SIPGATE number.

7. So now nobody can properly call me, but whatever =) that requires money and i dont need that right now. SMS =)

by the way I found out that Gmail has a Labs feature to send free SMS to US numbers. Capped at 50 SMS per number sent out. If u send 1 SMS, minus 1 off 50. if the person replies back, +5 SMS to your allowance. interesting huh.

had more tea and cake after the concert today

saw a snail on the road home. heh

the programme for the concert today – Joshua Bell and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. =)

and that’s my shirt

been quite a musical past few days. friday southbridge jazz plus wenyong. saturday salsa plus lawrence. sunday violin concerto plus gerri. amusing.

Mozart Overture to The Marriage of Figaro, K.492 was short and sweet

Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.61 was pretty cool. sweet. lovely. happy. i liked the 2nd movement and the finishing of the concerto. way elegant. darn cool. and i dont know how Joshua Bell memorizes two different concertos for his two performance days. insanity. 42 minutes long.

Beethoven Symphony No.4 in B flat major, Op.60 was also pretty entertaining. and fun. strings are nice.

Been such a while since i’ve gone to listen to a symphony. haven’t done this in years i think. the feeling of going to a nice concert hall and listening to nice music. black dressed performers on stage with glittering instruments, the woody concert halls with lots of elaborate structures, and dressed up audience =)

osx gvoice violins music

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