I have a new strategy. It is called OPM. Well it almost sounds a little embarrassing once you hear about it, but I shall disclaim that I learnt it on a work trip. So OPM stands for Other People’s Money.
When are people most liberal with cash? I think there are certain common prerequisites. One, when the perceived need us so urgent and critical, like if you’re going to die of cancer you would pay top money for a reputable surgeon who cannot guarantee anything but hopefully won’t sever your nerves. Two, when it is a group decision like a friend gathering or wedding and you gotta chip in for like… Flowers. Or something. Three, when it’s on the corporate account, which isn’t your money. As much as we don’t seek to be misusing funds, it is fairly easy to be more liberal and forgiving and easy when we are charging it to the corporate account or claiming it, or even writing something off as a personal business expense.

So there.

Just kidding, im not ‘that’ into this strategy, it’s just something to keep into mind when deciding ‘who will pay’

Ah rainy Tuesday.


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