On tablets

It’s intriguing – lots of positive reviews of Google’s latest Nexus 7 tablet have come in. Are they just giving typically empty tech reviews? A few ppl liking it doesn’t mean that the crowd will support it, although it is a good start. How is it possible to wrestle dominance from the established iPad with its  slew of apps and ecosystem. Consumers aren’t gonna shell out more money on a new gadget that they do not have a pressing need for. Even the iPad wasn’t a sure buy compared with phones. People needed a smarterphone because the old ones couldn’t keep up with new forms of messaging and communication and Web browsing and app access. The tablets don’t provide that sort of compelling jump for most folks. You don’t often need to read on tablets, browse websites outside of home, watch movies on planes, or stuff like that. It just isn’t compelling enough to be worth $800? Would a smaller cheaper tablet convince me to carry out yet another gadget? Seems difficult.

It would be nice to have a must-have reason. Something that tells people: if you don’t have this, you’re gonna be missing out, missing out on your friends, on life, on something.

Sometimes I find it crazy how people finally get a phone and ‘yay I have whatsapp’, and this is quite a few people over the past year. It’s just not possible to introduce everyone to kik, chaton, viber, line, gtalk, g hangout. One good thing is that they are seeing the mature whatsapp that doesn’t break, doesn’t drop messages and send it after a few hours. Those were the days. Nowadays it even tries to backup your chats.

I’m still waiting for Google to integrate their gtalk with hangout with glasses and give me seamless synced chat everywhere with video, sharing, archiving, search and Now. Oh and Voice too. They can do it. It just hasn’t been important enough. But perhaps they could realize that having a superior communication system is a seriously strong push for people to switch. Ah ha.

On tablets

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