I was pressing buttons on my phone on the way home last night. Being sentimental. The phone has been somewhat neglected the past year once I progressed to typing on the ipod and then onto the blackberry, and within 1.5 months, onto a new phone.

the N78, while slow and stupid, nevertheless actually seems pretty smart for a two year old. Has GPS, has Gmail app, has Google services, has lots of connectivity configurations, has Exchange, has Carl Zeiss hm. And it has many interesting Notes written by me. Some I have revealed before, some never. And here I shall list them all:

[incidentally i have half a mind to sell it and half a mind to use it as my india line phone, coz i still prefer typing on it than a K810i] [ i will miss the ‘breathing’ light on the phone. i so like the visual indicators of missed calls or messages. like the blackberry’s blinking light. really useful.]

[the following are actually kinda private and confidential.]

19/09/08 – Etiology   [yeah 08 was a longgg time ago]
11/12/08 – You who have grown up with blessings, would you know what is hate.
11/12/08 – If i did not love you like you were my world, then why do i now hate you like it’s the end of the world.
11/12/08 – I was young once and I loved deeply. [cant rem if i took this from somewhere]
17/12/08 – 11369 buona vista bus stop [for checking bus arrival times]
18/12/08 – Alexandre Christie [ a watch brand, before i bought my seiko]
29/01/09 – Hello dear friend i have come to visit, bringing with me crisp unopened letters that lay silently in your mailbox. In the darkness it has defied decay and light, each old and fresh as the months past. A lady waits in a black dress.
21/02/09 – Dead Poet’s Soceity. Rain man. [movie names]
03/03/09 – Would you give up a dream for somebody
03/03/09 – High above in the night sky, looking down on the silent world. High and quiet. Like life is so bustling still. [dhoby ghaut. up.]
06/03/09 – Rem me when i am gone away gone far away into the silent land when you can no longer hold me by the hand nor half turn to go yet turning stay.
06/03/09 – J’ecrire cette lettre pour vous. J’ecrire mon solitude et tristesse. En attendant
06/03/09 – I live for emotions. I love for happiness and pain. I live for my friends.
13/03/09 – Jhender kifoefs. Jianhui kjboivj. Jh ki. Igdlcdq. Ihzmgth. Ho ip ki.
24/03/09 – Financial freedom. Does it mean leftover money every month after you have budgeted for all your needs? or doe it mean you don’t have to work anymore?
28/03/09 – it’s better in french.
28/03/09 – Cest quoi les francais. c kwa la vie. la jeunesse, l’amour, l’appreciation, savoir-vivre, l’accent francais fantastique, et la vie. Et bien les jupes noires. Ben j’aime. Tout ca. Vraiment. Grand prix. Et a la fin, les bisous.
15/05/09 – Tom Ang. Digital photography masterclass.
02/07/09 – 4 july. Cordlife vivocity event. can claim $20 meals. taxi fares. one day off in lieu.
20/07/09 – 你知道大人为设么喜欢牵手吗?
28/07/09 – In my little heart I only know / that you are leaving again / just like the song sings: / far across the ocean / far across the sea / so far a distance between you / and me.
31/07/09 – A girl like you’s impossible to find (song lyrics)
07/08/09 – what does it mean to be mad
07/08/09 – Perhaps in her world it was summer and her heart was warmed by the desire of the person waiting for her (from some book – i think Veronika decides to die)
07/08/09 – I’ll tell everyone that the children are my reason for living, when in reality my life is their reason for living.
07/08/09 – In the middle of the square mark in the middle of the afternoon, a man gives a young lady a single rose: this is for you. Touches his imaginary brim, and disappears into the swirling crowd.
14/08/09 – Sorry, she could say, I might be the 100% perfect girl for you, but you’re not the perfect boy for me. It could happen. And if I found myself in that situation, I’d probably go to pieces. I’d never recover from the shock. I’m thirty-two, and that’s what growing older is all about.
19/08/09 – The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting. (from song lyric, and how true)
26/08/09 – i think i understand that there are so many words to be said, too many to fit into a hundred pages, way too many. As a child, everything was simple and short, and a picture meant the world. As we grow up, i guess we need more words for the same thing.
07/10/09 – Whistle thistle mistletoe
07/10/09 – I saw a man dancing on my grave. [poem inspiration]
30/07/09 – A book is only an instrument for time travel. There are only 86400 moments to a day. [from a book]
17/03/10 – 318 298 rupee 15.15 15.65 yen 412 4238 ringgit
15/05/10 – Manila. Gate 1 exit near to bels 1 n 2 cross road out of airport turn right go down ramp wait at extreme right near to toilets. pick up by jojo. Champagne RAV4 or white mitsubishi pajero.
15/05/10 – India office : 43 Ashutosh Choudhury Ave. Ballygunge Phari. Sunny Towers. Kolkata 700019. West Bengal, India.