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Siri, write note

thumbs_up gem is f–king up my heroku upload like a zillion times. I am frustrated with it. But it is a non-critical component so I’m gonna throw it aside for now.

  • Todo: javascript timer display – great to have ~5-10 hrs
  • Todo: record time taken – great to have. ~5-10 hrs. to look at autostart timer plus hidden field.
  • Todo: user authorization. cancan gem. – critical component ~1-2 hrs Largely working
  • Todo: paypal/activemerchant/IPN integration – critical component ~2-5 hrs That took like 12 hrs or something. But at least the base logic is scrambled together for now.
  • Todo: UI. – critical component. ~ infinite hrs. mininum 4 hrs –   maybe 30% done. need logo, T&C, buttons. look at webfonts when have time.
  • Todo: 1-4 option selectors. – critical. ~1-2 hrs works. need to prettify page.
  • Todo: marker. score display – critical. ~2-3 hrs what a surprising pain this was. omg. well i now have calculations in the model. level up. self.praise.
  • Todo: score comparison – critical. ~2-4 hrs – 75% ok
  • Todo: topic feedback – critical. ~2-4 hrs. 20% ok.
  • Todo: better scoring system
  • Todo: purchase logic. you dont know how much more there is to go unless you hit the problem.
  • Add Questions

left: 12 hrs critical.

I have this problem: I can’t concentrate on one feature at a time. I’m reading two guides alternatingly and working on two things alternatingly. It’s kinda boring to get stuck on one thing.

Done today: hacked together some absurdly inefficient links between questions and answers. Do I care? Yes. Am I able to change it? Maybe some other day. In the meantime, there’s always bumping up dynos and workers in Heroku.

*curses at self: you suck at javascript.*
*self: i didn’t sign up for javascript. no one told me about it when i started. nor the css. or rather the HTML5/CSS3/+++*

and also Rails 3.1.1 is very temping but I can’t know how to fix gems that break with 3.1, hence I’ll stick to ole 3.0.9 for now. SIGH. and bump up to jquery myself.

note to self

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