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A most hilarious example of a applied machine learning AI tensorflow app running on Android/iOS. Very well designed concept, and very entertaining element of the Silicon Valley show too. Awesome.

Can’t wait for more AI/ML to get into phones.

Year 2017 phones should not be about screensize (dumb), battery size (dumb), fingerprint sensors (dumb), camera quality, number of camera sensors, how much ram, headphone jack, OS version (all dumb), it should be about whether it comes with a built-in AI/ML acceleration chip and how actually smart-phone it is.

Then again, it’s so in its infancy that any AI chip created in 2017 is going to be superseded in 2018, and super-superseded in 2019 in ways we cannot even imagine right now. Still, it gives us something to look forward to in the next generation of phones. Other than better screens, better batteries and better cameras.

Not HotDog

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