Norwegian Apple

I was about to fall asleep and it went through my mind that there’s a fair amount of similarity between Norwegian Wood and You are the Apple of my Eye. It felt eery.

Take a look
Norwegian Wood trailer.
Apple of my Eye trailer
Jh in agony trailer

It’s difficult to describe why they are similar. They are definitely very different in terms of style, one is agonizing, the other is largely comedic.

Themes of:
– boys
– girls
– student
– boy falls for this girl
– this girl is a mystery
– they are kinda in love. (kinda?)
– girl goes away
– confusion
– breakup (because even kinda-in-love also leads to breakup. like thoughtcatalog says)
– hostel
– outdoors

ok damn I can’t describe it properly.

– girl is strangely attractive but not hollywood slutty.
– mysterious characteristic characters
– i-hate-you endings
– something you simply cannot put your finger on. no, i’m serious
– something that is so real, but so unreal.
– something so sour/bitter/tragic/bittersweet. one of those tastes that is so complex that it didn’t come out of a RGB selector or kid’s playbook. something complex, with overtones, undertones, base notes, top notes, minor thirds, dissonant chords. i don’t know.
( if you haven’t yet realised, nature doesn’t taste like 100% sweet, 0% bitter, 0% sour, 0% salty, doesnt come in 100% #FFF white, 100% #000 black. it’s always a blend, a mix, a sauce so messed up you could never replicate it fully. like how vanilla beans tastes more than vanillin, like how cocoa is more than artificial chocolate flavoring, like how love is more than happiness. if you didn’t get the original sentence, i was refering to meanings, perfumes and music. )
– a flavor so complicated you knew it was probably real.

the lies you hear, the complete lies, those are simple stories, there is no depth to it, and there’s a pretty ending and a period at the end of it. the real ones, they are too much to describe wholy. you just gotta be there.

now i wanna watch both movies again.

Norwegian Apple

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