It’s been many days, more than a week of quietness. Rings pretty loud.

I’m frustrated with the app. Because its bloody getting nowhere and wolsy slow.

I need to talk about it to someone. Sigh.

Elections. Just vote. You’ve heard all that. You’ve thought all that. It’s gonna work. The world aint gonna change so soon. But it’s slowly changing. And all hell will probably break loose before I have a chance to buy my own property. Hopefully its a good change for me. But anyways.

Voting’s a complicated process. Just like formulating a policy. But it’s pretty hard to hold the entire dictionary and bible and charter and economics and all the other textbooks combined in your head and have enough space to write out all the words and draw all the lines and predict 2 moves into the future like Kasparov can do. So we simplify it, play with emotions, twist things. So in the end, it still runs doesnt it. I dont know. I still do not like politics. It doesnt have fixed rules that I can comprehend and manipulate. I think that a vote is a complicated thing. It’s not just a yes or no. It’s a yes, or no, or maybe, or I dont want either, I dont want neither, I dont want to choose, I want to choose in the future, I dont want him, I want only him, I think this vote will be important for the next elections but not for this one. Whatever it might be. In the end, maybe just go by intuition, for that is what comes out after you have thought alot and slept on it and instinctively think is right. It’s the truest way to express yourself, no matter if you think you believe in your answer. You, and the majority of people, probably do not have enough facts and brain power to think sufficiently deeply about who is better. Not objectively enough anyway.

I feel heartened that the civil service remains. LOL. No that doesnt actually give me alot of hope. But it is some hope. and I hope the civil service…. will play a bigger role and have a bigger voice in the future.

It’s almost 8am… ok a few more hrs at least.


I wanna get out of here.