Night in gale

=Night in gale=

Quiet has the forest been
And silent too the night
The wind passes through inhibitedly
Like leaves that do not wake with light

Long has the Dark plagued
the spring which bubbled once
Longer still has discontent grew
festering in the shadow’s gloom

twinkles faded from wrinkled eyes
weariness eased the smiles
Happiness left for better lands
Darkness toiled the harrowed ground

where once the nightingale sang
the song plays no more
where once wove chapters of magical tales
the wand waves no more

oh nightingale of my lustrous friend
why have you left his side
how would the tales then travel hence
if the night no more holds your songs

before the same plague conquers me
let me search for your graceful wings
to save from the ashes my fallen friend
those heart must burn with thee

yet the hour grows dark as Death’s gate tolls
mocking Spring’s half desperate growth
but perhaps new roots can break the frost
if the seeds can flee the snow

I rouse the chilly flames of life
with my frosted breath on ice
rolling dice that the fires of hope
might resurrect the Fallen’s soul

The last days of ending Hope
might see the Sun go down
but yet still must we close our eyes at dusk
giving up the rays of truth for blinded hope

Nightingale if you bring your light
show him where his path should lie
lead with song and fluttering wings
the verse that sings the rhyme

Lead him lost if else to me
tarry not his stumbling toes
swift wings fear not jagged rocks
nor icy river floes

Wake him if need be from the numbing cold
crush the latticed ice
let the pale lips blush with redness
and the fingers hold the quill

fly oh Nightingale fly to him
searching with heartbroken songs
bring the wizard his woven wand
let the necro’s curse be born


for xaryl.
just to quote myself from AD 2005.
points to note:
1. at that time, it was in fashion (between Ender and Xaryl), to use =Title=
2. i still signed off as Ender, which has naturally evolved over the years.
3. i followed more standard structure and had more time to write longg pieces.
4. im impressed with myself
5. also v happy that he liked it enough to share it with his friends. =)

Night in gale

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