My 2yearplan for shopping

All the stuff that I would like to buy, hopefully within the next two years, some earlier.

How it works is that every ice cream I buy you is out of this budget. 🙂

Tea pot ***

Tea cup **

Tea infusers ***

Tea leaf ***

Tea containers ***

Belt black and brown *****

Apple keyboard **

Iphone *

Cameras ********

Photo printer ****

Watch **

Cuff links *

Tie *

Jacket *****

Bracelet *****

Backpack *****

Small hand bag *****

Porter bag **

Hard drive *****

Buffalo NAS ****

Brown shoes *****

New specs *******

Private jet

Apartment with aircon.

Another monitor

Nexus x

Another bookshelf

Black teeshirts

Black shirts

My 2yearplan for shopping

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