MVP is tiring

Creating an MVP is so freaking tiring. Same for creating a landing page. Don’t let them kid you with “just a landing page”.

1. Gosh one has to think through a sensible domain or working name. which might stick, so don’t be too crazy. and it is also expensive and time-consuming to re-brand, so… yeah.

0. Well before thinking of a name, of course the concept is more important. names are aplenty. So, concept. Man is it tough to get this right. Read alot, learn, talk to people, learn, THINK, think more. Read about lean startup methodology, realise it isn’t that new, read about Customer Development, get an headache about it, read about how other s went through their starting phase. Imagine yourself big. Look at yourself non existent now. Dang.

2. Get a landing page. Unbounce is pretty convenient. A simple host with Google Analytics will suffice even. You need a way to analyse bounce rates and get some feedback and measure some metrics of conversion or interest in your service. Try to change the words, do A/B testing. Unbounce is free for a very basic service, but paid as you go up.

3. Yes, get a Google Analytics account. Free and easy, why not.

4. Yeah you probably should get a Gmail account first. why not. useful.

5. You could get a Google Apps account. Or maybe later. Save some time.

6. Do you want Adwords to buy some traffic first?

7. Design your landing page. Choose your headings. Choose your catch phrase. Have more catch phrases. Test them. Hopefully learn which one works.

8. Need any pictures? Fake screenshots?

9. Get opinions.

10. Do a rough sketch of business model. Possible revenues. Who will pay? Are you building something that somebody wants? Are you sure? Test your assumptions. Test. Do not assume.

11. Get more feedback. Iterate your MVP until you have a working one. Hope you find product-market fit. Hope it happens, and soon.

MVP is tiring

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