mr darcy

Some beautiful stuff in the world:

An awesome tumblr of photos and short descriptions of people.

Quote: “I pretty much read fantasy because I’ve had enough of reality”

An incredible and intimate project to write love letters.

Quote: “More than once, visitors apologized for their imperfect English and asked me to “fix it.” But idiosyncrasies are important in a love letter. The words should sound like the sender speaking. It seemed very important to preserve that authentic rhythm.”

one-sided infatuation

Quote: “But the rational girl just stares out at the sea, wishing she could peel off her clothes and dive in.”


Life is for these pretty things, these tiny little pretty intense intimate moments. In these moments I forget how hard and painful life can be, how evil, how stupid, how dumb the world can be, and I remember that there is some magic, some love, some beauty in humanity, in humans, in us, in you.

mr darcy

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