Movies review

Or rather, not a review but some thoughts.

Some spoilers included for Juno, Transformers, No Strings Attached, Blue Valentine, Closer.

I realised last evening that the girl in Juno, Ellen Page, is the architect in Inception. No wonder her face and petulant voice was oh so familiar when I resumed my viewing of Juno. Yes I started way back and still haven’t finished it. Now Ellen Page is one cool girl. She hasn’t been in many hit movies yet though. I believe her special personality might not fit into stereotypical Hollywood roles — she has been quoted to dislike casting that seem to be demeaning.
In Juno she’s this young super headstrong junior high student who isn’t at all sluty or crazy but surprisingly gets pregnant from this doofy soft boy. How strong is her personality? When dad hears about the pregnancy, he says he’s gonna punch this guy or something like that, an stepmom says you know it probably wasn’t his idea. Yeah the girl made him have sex with her.
So Juno and her bff thinks about aborting it, in the typical lighthearted teenage manner. But it doesn’t go through. They think about adoption instead, which is a remarkably adult concept. But being kids they find a foster home through Penny Saver ad section. And other funny classic bits.
Hmmm teenage pregnancy. I suppose I would frown on it. Back then when I was in high school, yeah i would’ve frowned on it. Nah I don’t approve of teenage sex and pregnancy.

Speaking of headstrong people, I also watched Transformers and No Strings Attached recently. Interesting. Doofy boy in transformers had trouble getting a job and then the goes all worrying about his potential and more of his silly rants. His gf is So Useless. I can’t believe they made her worse than Megan Fox. Ugh. Just get outta the way and hey at least Megan Fox put being with her bf when he’s in danger as higher priority than flirting with her boss and getting boob jobs. Oh yes, this lump of sculptured fat also doesn’t appreciate a Mercedes SLS AMG, why did you break up with that mechanic of the ex-gf. Tsk. Oh yeah, she’s probably better off without you. I’m sure bumblebee’ll prefer her too.

And then in No Strings Attached, hmm, I think it’s a half terrible movie. I don’t know who in the world wrote and directed it but they largely suck. And the agents suck too. Aston Kutcher and Natalie Portman are both actors who deserve better cuz they aren’t dumb. I don’t know why they actually agreed to those roles. Aston Kutcher does alot of venture capitalist work, which I think is bigger than his acting these days. And Natalie sure can handle more difficult and mature roles like black swan’s. Why act as dumbos I can never understand. It’s all so scripted and fake even. When Natalie in the movie hears from the sister about their mom having a boyfriend, she was shocked she wasn’t told. And her sister says, yeah well we, you know, you’re kinda very independent and all that. Effectively its like she’s distanced from family events. It’s crazy when Kutcher brings her out on a proper date, after a period of long no strings sex and he wants to bring it further, and she’s all like I’m not into all this touchy feelly stuff, don’t get me flowers, don’t treat me like a gf, pick me up at the hospital A&E door, oh drop me off at the hospital after that too. Crazy working hours.
Blue Valentine.
Is one really interesting movie. It’s about a guy, who isn’t particularly bright or accomplished. He finds work at moving company. He has a good heart, simple heart. He meets this girl, woos her. They have a great deal of young fun. They have very innocent and carefree laughters. Stupid girl is was kinda involved with the dumb white jock in school. She becomes pregnant. Tsk. It’s probably that other guys. Somehow she keeps the fetus. These two actually get married and raise this kid. Don’t know why he agreed to that. They have a quick marriage. They live happily for some time. She becomes a doctor  nurse, he paints houses. He drinks too much. They fight. The kid loves them both. They fight. They divorce. At one point he’s like, you want me to use my potentials? What’s wrong with painting? Do I need to make money out of my potentials? The story, the situation, the emotions, the dialogue is very, real. It isn’t overdone, or underdone. He’s being not a good husband, okay. He’s surprisingly still a good man sometimes. He’s all raving and drunk like, and he’s like trying to have sex with her. She resists him. It’s not working for her. He asks her what she wants. Even though he’s all like coarse language and sounds terrible and hostile… It’s really disconcerting to hear someone shouting ranting ‘you want me to hit you? You want me to hit you? No I’m not gonna hit you. I love you.. ‘  he cares alot for the kid. He cries over the dog dying. He does honest work. He drinks too much. He flings his ring into the bushes and later jumps out as the car is moving and searches in the bushes for the ring. Oh man. Poor guy. He smokes too much. He’s such a baby sometimes.
What do you do when you have an imperfect person? She wants a divorce. He asks for a chance. He says you promised to stay together for better or worse. And now this, this is my worst, and it will be better. And that was one helluva line. She makes him leave. He walks off. The kid tries to make him stay. He has to lie to the kid to get her to run to mommy. She’s still wearing her stupid scrubs. He walks off.
Oh man.
After that I was like yeah, happy movies are so much easier to watch and sell. But oh my goodness. Explicit depiction of sex and bums and painful sad emotions all make me cringe.

What else have I watched? Closer. Closer’s one really odd movie as well. Natalie Portman (again, I know), Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen. Wow how bad can it be with these four actors (you do know that in the presence of mixed plural genders, we use the male form right? right?). This movie is another totally bizarre take on love, especially falling into the issue of lust, sex, and more imperfect incomplete loves. *shakes head at the absurdity of the film* Some really cool lines in there. But otherwise totally bizarre and difficult for the normal viewer to sit through. Interesting if you can pick up on some of the amazing dialogue though.

Movies review