Movie – Gifted

Finally got round to watching a movie that I’ve been holding off on for awhile. Gifted – a simple heartwarming movie about a smart young girl, and how she is brought up and cared for.

Giftedness is something that is often brought up in the media, in the education system, and I guess it is something that I am irrevocably tied up with. None of that is wrong per se, just like how using the phrase “per se” is probably precocious in daily life outside of the law fraternity, and entitleds.

Some parts of the movie are hilarious, and I identify with. Not everything of course. Not such a crazy 8 year old mathematical genius. It’s too extreme. Not to say there are probably people like that, and how they end up leading way abnormal lives.

It’s hilarious how the grandmother derides “people who will watch sit-coms, bring her to Olive Garden”, haha. Oh well I only recently learnt of Olive Garden restaurants! =D

And also how she asks Frank about God, Jesus, and how nicely he answers her, as he would as a very smart man answer a very smart kid – in a more respectful and measured manner than more normal people would. Also in a more understanding, truthful, manner. After all, you can’t just outright lie or give evasive excuses to a smart kid.


Movie – Gifted

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