moscato (v1)

Charles Baudelaire said to me to be always drunk
on words, poetry and virtue,
and off I went to drink.

The moscato, like the muscat family, is light, fruity and sweet.
It delights like a cute joke, and never suffocates.

The ice wine is a love poem served on a date.
To the uninitated or unloved, it seems a tad sweet.
A fair bite it has and alcohol to make you heady.
It sure comes expensive and of a rare occurence and serendipity.
It gets you drunk, happy drunk.

Confuse it not with Iced wine, that is wine on rocks.
Ice wine is poetry read in a play, with drama and stage lights.
Iced wine is poetry in a musical, adultereated with music
when the verses are already music themselves.
Never have iced wine.

Vodka is like a poem or story about sex.
Let us not deny it, vodka is largely plain water and ethanol
distilled from necessary staples like grain.
By itself, vodka is flavorless, needing to be dressed up with other tastes and colors.
It merely forms the base for other emotive forms.
Those who drink it neat only desire the physical rush without the complexity of love.
They have no time to appreciate the overtones and base notes.

Red wines are like full length novels: they stand on their own, like a main course.
Some blow your mind away, some are meh. Nevertheless they all tell their story,
proudly wearing their origin on their labels.
They hail from every country and language, they have individual estates and authors.

White wines are happier and go with different foods.

Dessert wines are stories you tell at the end of the meal,
happy stories, funny stories.

Beer is chatter.
You down it in pubs and on the streets, it arrives on tap, free and available.
You bar-hop, flitting from conversation to conversation. It never ends,
but is never really enough.

Brandy is for the hard men
who sit at the bar and tell their tale.

Whisky is for the serious and Titled,
who sit in the drawing room and take out bottles passed on by forefathers.

Champagnes are celebratory toasts, you only open them on Occassions,
and with guests. It is noisy, it overflows,
it comes in a wide brimmed glass, one for everyone.
A bubbly dose of sweet messages and light flowers.

So choose the right drink for the right temperament,
as befits the right book for the right minds.



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moscato (v1)

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