More than a game

Ender’s Game.

When the movie came around, I didn’t know what to do with it. The characters looked unfamiliar, felt unfamiliar. It’s always bizarre when someone brings to life something that you’ve lived with separately for a long time.

There wasn’t really any strong Need to watch it? I knew the story. I’ve read it so many times. The movie, covered much of the book, but not all of the book. At least it didn’t badly contradict or spoil any of the story.

I’m not really writing very well here.

It was a decent movie of boom bang space action. But when you read the book, that’s when you really understand the entire story, and feel the unspoken emotions.

And I think you should all read the book. and then next one.

Maybe the movie is like a 2 hour summary of the book. Like a ‘speaker for the dead’ for it. Ha.

More than a game

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