More critics of the new Macbook Pro

Once again, for normal browser-using and Office-using folks, the MBP is still way overkill, and very usable. If you want to pay the premium price for the nice hardware and stuff, it’s great.

For the power user, meaning the graphic artists, music artists, engineers, physicians, mathematicians, serious hardware is really important. That means more cores, newer cores, more ram, new ram, better rambus, better ssd speeds, better GPUs, more GPUs, still more GPUs, more screen, more storage, more network speed (not wifi, LAN!), and more everything. Even if it costs more.

But there isn’t more. There isn’t more of any of that that they can throw their money at. There’s no more significant upgrades other than price, other than some little speed tweaks here and there, no more new Mac Pro, new iMac. Only that precious Mac OS now with nothing to run it on. Oh dear, Apple you might as well go the M$ route and license out the OS to other hardware makers.

I think this is a focus problem. Apple is focused on improving their revenue, and Mac OS is not significant enough, with insufficient potential. So their talent and engineering and marketing and budgets and focus is all on other things. No talent and no focus means no progress. For sure.

The only good thing for many engineers, hey at least you can offload the heavy duty stuff to cloud servers. yay. In that case, you just need a linux terminal.

You know what, people who make software and people who make tutorials and guides need to make them for other OS. Make it such that everything works well also on Windows and Linux, and we’ll all have choices.

More critics of the new Macbook Pro

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