Bought a Monocle magazine last weekend coz it was just way too tempting. Had to think thrice at 19.90SGD for a mag. But it was impressively thick, filled with gorgeous paper, printing, lack of adverts, great articles, and oh so lovely layout and graphics. I love almost everything about it except for the glossy bits, and the price.

Very inspired by it to add in design elements into future webpages or magazines or books or media. Actually my current blog design is sorta in this phase right now. a professionally clean, crisp layout with hints of color.

It’s really incredible to hold nice paper in your hands, with the matte finish and well-behaved lines. It flips nicely. unlike thin sticky magazine paper. ew. but it becomes bulkier. Worth it 🙂

I wanna do something like this. This is fun and inspiring.


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