Hi blog, I know that’s a funny thing to say ‘hi blog’ but that’s the truth and I gotta say I do blog, still. In this day and age of 160 char tweets, fb posts, posterous, tumblrs, I embrace and cherish the longevity of 1000 word posts (okay maybe less), and stick to it like an old dinosaur that wouldnt die.

What’s a blog? Or rather what is this blog?
It’s a collection of my thoughts. My very own thoughtcatalog, although less angsty less emo and less x-rated than the website of that name. But you know, sex is real and even ‘kindergarten teachers have sex’. And incidentally thoughtcatalog is built on WordPress. Yup so its a catalog of thoughts. Big thoughts, small thoughts, important thoughts and some less important ones. It’s written sometimes for people, sometimes even for myself. It’s about thoughts that I want to keep, that I want to own, that do not disappear into the blackhole of Facebook’s whimsical engineers. It’s about people like you who can spare 1 minute to read a post, not the half second for a fb status. It’s about thoughts that you share with one, or a handful of people. Because it might mean something to them, because there are such things as private information and privileged access still.

I read a post today saying that RSS might not be so dead after all. Haha. Despite some blogs and companies shutting it off, there was a small but definite protest and controversy. It’s like how you can’t really kill blogs off, not so fast anyway. 🙂

I did consider writing it privately in a journal. Why not. Lovely paper, lovely ink, lovely pen, bad handwriting…. But its quite a hassle to share later.

As the t-shirt says ‘There’s no place like’ 🙂 I so want one of those.
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Of beautiful pictures, and beautiful words, and beautiful thoughts, and beautiful lives.

And if to not take life too seriously, here’s another quote of the day ‘So Beautiful and So What’ 😀