Yeah I mean, “AI” – essentially advanced implementations of complicated machine learning and software programming, has come quite a long way, especially in self driving cars. It’s pretty incredible how it combines LIDAR, Radar, Visual cameras and probably more sensors, in a realtime map and situational analysis, response, and activity generation.

But maybe it’s just a metric ton of accumulated small decisions and yes/no reflexes.

My worry is that I wouldn’t live to see the next leap of technology to something far far more advanced and magical. AI/ML is pretty nice that even when designing it, you can’t really explain how the ML algorithm works, it’s supposedly not like a yes/no code, but basically it kinda makes the same decision trees? just in vastly higher numbers.

How many years before it actually reaches Singapore? Given our astronomical car cost, theoretically we should easily be able to pay for self driving or high tech electric cars compared to countries where average car price is 10-20k.

remember when Sat Nav was like futuristic, and then when smartphone map apps were futuristic? hell I remember when I first managed to get GPS on my Nokia – it was SLOW, and painful and small.


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