MI488 150712 days of our loves

‘I promised to keep you safe…’ ‘oh I’ve been to Paradise, but I’ve never been to me.’

Oh he was pretty, Oh he was pretty didn’t you see. His floppy hair and slung bag, His confused speech and innocent eyes did you see how he looked at me. Oh she was amazing
Oh she was amazing didn’t you see.
When she smiled not to me in particular
When she looked so happy and comfortable Yeah she liked the Smiths, yeah she liked them didn’t you hear her say
He laughed she laughed
It was funny it was funny she said It was good, yeah it was good
Would you… like another drink? Yes why not, why not. He’s drunk, yes he is. What a disaster. You’re good! Heh. Thanks. He likes you, did he tell you? You’re drunk, go home. Is it true? Yeah he always get drunk. No, I mean, the other thing. What? Do you? Like me? Well yeah. Okay. Ok.

I’m happy. Are you happy? Yes I’m happy. She asked in a contented voice, looking out the car turning around. He answered at the wheel. Yeah.

Dum di dum Tippetty tipetty tap
Fralala dum dum
Yeah that was a good song
Yeah it was

You’re kidding. No I’m serious. Alright. Alright.

Are you, sure, you’re okay? Cause usually people freak out when I say this. No I’m okay. Really? Really. Ok.

You don’t believe in it? No, I mean, what does it even mean?

Why did you do that? Because I wanted to.


I thought I would find you here. . Hi. Hi. I could never understand. I mean, why? It just happened. I just knew. You were right, about it. You were just not right about me.

MI488 150712 days of our loves

2 thoughts on “MI488 150712 days of our loves

    1. Jh says:

      Oh hi there! And yes you are correct. Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as I believe I mentioned that the movie recently. Excuse self rambly posts when I am alone on planes. 🙂

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