Or rather that’s the working codename. Fiddling around with another little app.

Android Studio is wonderful. I still remember a few years ago Java and Eclipse were horribly difficult to work with. I guess I’ve gotten used to some of Java, and Eclipse is properly out of the picture. Half of the tutorials and samples being written on Eclipse was just bad for referencing.

Sublime Text is also really good for highlighting and referencing.

Parse is really good backend for starting out. I know I will bump into severe limitations later on, but that’s really at the half pro level and not quite important now. Thankfully Parse provides some really easy backend integrations. Though the guides are really lacking. gah. Can’t wait for better integration from the actual owners of Android and a really big cloud. They are fools for not having expanded on this yet. It would do wonders for the apps.

Listening to pop songs in the middle of the night is amusing, haven’t done this in awhile. But my gosh I hate relations and joins.


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