Magsafe 2 mod

This is the story of the Magsafe / Magsafe 2 duckhead adapter that persistently gave me static on the Macbook Pro. Long story, just in case people want to google a solution and needs some more keywords.

Magsafe has two adapters – one long extension cord, and one short ‘duck head’. For me I have UK style plugs. Both come with standard full sized UK plugs, that is with the earth or ground pin. Problem is that the long extension cord is earthed properly, that is the plug is connected to the earth wire in the cable, but the short duckhead isn’t. I didn’t take all the photos. You can refer to, where I first learnt about the problem and his drill-a-hole solution. Unfortunately I do not have access to a drill, nor did I feel like going to that extreme for now.

My current quick, simple, risk-free, and reversible solution: a copper wire. Grab some wire – this was stripped out of an old unused cable (eg usb cable), coil it around the earth pin on the adapter, and around the earth pin of the plug. Tada, the grounding problem is solved! You can further improve on it by making the wire as short as possible and tap is down and all that. If this doesn’t work for you, it’s simple to just undo the wiring. Credit to special someone who did all the nice handiwork.

Is it safe with the exposed wire? Pretty much. It’s only the earth wire. As long as it’s well connected to the earth pin, any current will flow to the ground safely – it is after all designed to protect you from electric shocks. A

Apple is really idiots for not earthing their duckheads properly. It’s super annoying or impossible to use the MBP with that much static electricity. I used to think it was my wall socket or extension that was giving me problems, so I had to always carry around the long and heavy extension cable. No more! So glad for this easy hack as I could not find any other solution on the internet, and nobody makes third party chargers. NOTE: this doesn’t help if your plug doesn’t have an earth pin, please don’t connect it to the other two pins!



Magsafe 2 mod

5 thoughts on “Magsafe 2 mod

  1. Timmy Ong says:

    Hey props to the author. I’m constantly getting “bitten” by the static electricity from my Pro since the day i got it. The only solution was to use the long and cumbersome extension plug with an actual earth connection.
    I’ve been searching for a solution for so long and this solution would totally solve this problem! I’m surprised no one has came up with an aftermarket short head plug with a proper working earth pin yet. Thanks man!

    Anyways have you found a permanent solution yet? I’d love to know if you have.

    1. Jh says:

      Hi Timmy,

      Well the picture inset has been my permanent solution thus far. It works well enough, and all official Apple adapters/chargers have the same flaw as far as I know.
      Good luck to you

  2. JK says:

    Hi, the picture is not showing up, can u fix it please ? I am trying to fix the “vibration” problem on my MacBook pro too.

    1. Jh says:

      Oops, I think it broke a few months back when I was redoing all my photos. I’ve placed it back now. Hope it’s the right one though.

      Good luck to you.

      1. Tim says:

        Tried this today. Works like a charm! No more static shocks anymore. For me I did it with a really thin gauge wire and taped it down to the 3 pin head and it turned out absolutely perfect.

        Special thanks to JHender. Really solved my problem of having to carry around a stupidly long extension cord with the proper 3-pin grounding. Can’t believe apple has yet to fix this or even acknowledge that this is an issue at all.

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