MONOCLE Issue 39 dec/jan

Wow. Im impressed already. Whenever I go to kino to pick up Monocle, I always balk a little at the 20sgd price tag. But blame our currency for that – it would be much more affordable in US dollars or Pounds. I also balk at the huge size and weight of it – it gets really heavy to carry out, especially in the current tablet-age. Still, nothing beats excellent correspondence, lovely paper, gorgeous illustration, stylish photography, and spines on a bookcase.

There’s an awful lot of watch advertisements in it. Hublot, Rolex, Hermès, Bottega Veneta, and the usuals. The ten pages of rolexes were cool. Very interesting designs and complications. Perhaps its a christmas season thing.

More impressive was that Samsung placed a two page (they have a name for that) advert on their Galaxy S tablet. Wow. The only electronics to appear in Monocle is usually the Blackberry. No Apple products. Well Financial Times advertised their app with an iPad picture, but otherwise no. It’s cool that samsung got their ad in, that the editors allowed the green Android to appear. Nice. Samsung and Android could improve on its coolness to reach the ranks of LVMH and Swiss Chronometers but its a good start.

MONOCLE Issue 39 dec/jan

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