I saw a beautiful sight. It was like a red sky. Like I was high on a mountain looking out over the clouds. Except it was night, the skies were red, and I was looking out a plane window. It was beautiful. Ethereal. Some house lights peeked out under the clouds. We weren’t that high. But drats they turned on the cabin lights and spoilt the view.

I watched the airport from my window seat. It was big. I imagined the thousands of people in there. Waiting. Eating. Drinking. Sending people off. Leaving. Returning. All doing different things. An incredible number of people in a huge space, intricately built and maintained.

The runway lights were wonderful. Leading us onward. A plane took off ahead of us. Then one landed on the same runway. Finally our turn. It was a quick takeoff. Unlike the never ending takeoff in the fast and furious movie. There were so many aerobridges and so many planes. Wow. The hangars, full of more planes under maintenance. I wondered who drives the plane to the hangar. I wonder who are these people who work on the planes, and the ships in the shipyard. I feel so small compared to them. These people have such incredible jobs, and see so many interesting things. Hm. I wonder how they ended up doing these jobs.


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