Darn, this is a nice writing app.

Well that was the end of Hobbits, second mega trilogy of The Lord of the Rings series. Its too late for surprises, new plots, or new characters so late in the series and in the middle of 5 other movies. But it is nice to just be immersed in Middle Earth. Darn the stupid Legolas jumping on Tetris blocks, he, and the director are such idiots for that.
That was a nice credits song too – the last goodbye. Middle Earth as we know it, with the current batch of directors, artists and actors, will never be back again, not in the same way.

Overheard two young folks at a table beside ours talking about themselves. The young, the immature, the un-old. But mostly the immature really. Its hilarious how some people behave, and feel about themselves. Was kinda feeling that I haven’t grown much over the past 5 years, but maybe I have, somehow or rather. Maybe we do grow imperceptibly. Maybe there’s nothing to diss about these young folks other than “you’ll understand one day.”

Life, goes on, and all these too brief bittersweet moments come and go, all the more poignant for how ephemeral they are.


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