last words

just some last words before i fly off. p.un.intended.

imagine if you had a close friend. the two of you agree that life isn’t very much worth living, and occasionally borders on the incomprehensible and intolerable. in all your dreams, you did not belong here. you so thoroughly believed in this that your friend couldn’t believe how you stay alive. your friend has now left this world. what would you do?

what would i do?

write 5000 words.

alternatively, write just one word.

last words

6 thoughts on “last words

  1. xiaocow says:

    (the one word temptation was too great, but it was not sufficient)
    visit the world as an alien, bring your superior out-of-this-world technology to aid this world.

  2. jh says:

    good. one of the live/die options that i had pre-supposed. actually if anyone had put the d-word it wouldnt have made much difference to me, i think. not that anyone would, which meant either l-word or 5000 words. or so i thought.

    nice. dont know where to put it, but nice.

    lol. i love that. what if i became a cat? i shall hate that.

    another unexpected but nice one. again, dont quite know where to put it. good, yet subtly painful, and possibly skirting the whole issue.

    so all in all, im impressed with the answers. *does a Tom Cruise like frowny nod smile* if ya know what i mean. he does it alot.

    darn india.

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