Lamy Safari matte charcoal

From myself, for myself. Well it’s been some time since I bought a fountain pen. Have actually been eyeing this for some time and decided to just ship it together with other stuff. Oddly, pengallery from KL shipped it via FedEx, who flew it from KL to Shanghai to Singapore… maybe coz I asked them to hurry it. It arrived fast enough anyway. better than dealextreme…

So that’s it all disassembled coz I wanted to fill it with ink. My brown ink. The assembled pen will invariably appear in one of my normal photos soon enough. It’s cool. totally black. black shaft, black cap, black clip, and even a totally black nib. lovely. More fountain pens, and more tea accessories, and more gadgets, and more books too please. progressing into a more decadent and stylish lifestyle. Sometimes, normal little people can be amazing.

I have also lots of amazing bday and xmas presents. but I havent been taking photos of them. =)



Lamy Safari matte charcoal