Los Angeles, was, unexpected. It was a hard decision thinking/choosing between going to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or some other small random location in California. Ultimately, the path from LA -> SF seemed more optimal, and Vegas seemed really clishchy (what’s that word).

So, LA. Not really the type of town/city of my style either. LA is characterized by beach, hollywood (film industry), sprawl, cars, hollywood boulevard, entertainment industry, none of which were my thing frankly. So half reluctantly we went to LA – after all, we couldn’t be going to NYC two years in a row (or could we).

LA was:

A bunch of jetlagged AirBnB, Chick-a-Fil’s and Science Center sunnyness
crazy sea creatures
my first spacecraft
a surprisingly beautiful Santa Monica Pier
with a classic Bubba Gump restaurant (with one of the worst cooking and service. so American)
pretty ugly and kitschy Hollywood Blvd
underwhelming market and food. But look at that patriotic stuff
an enchanting observatory on the hill (with equally crappy transportation infrastructure and service. lol).
v american but not that up to expectations pies
the classic diner experience

So, should you fly halfway across the planet from SIN to LAX? Probably not unless you have great reason to be in California, unless you really really want to go to the theme parks, unless you have business in LA. It’s not the worst place to go in USA though, at least there’s a variety of food if you travel far enough in the city etc. Two days in LA wasn’t probably enough to see or experience it properly, but we were pressed for time, and Highway 1 beckoned.

Tips: don’t bother travelling to the Hollywood Sign, you can see it from the boulevard; a mix of public transport and cars is ideal, we did one day on train/tram (science center, santa monica pier, blvd) and one day with car (griffith); I really like the Santa Monia Pier area.

next parts: Highway 1, SF/Local Guides, Yosemite.


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