Kingdom of Heaven

Have you ever watched a Science Fiction movie and wondered, “Why did no one travel into space to look for God? or heaven?” Indeed I often see them search for hospitable planets, aliens, mineral ore (never gold, mind you, not that useless junk), interesting artifacts, out of curiousity. But never ever in order to find God or heaven. This I find quite astonishing.

So people generally, as a simple rule of thumb, refer to heaven as up there, and hell as down there. Heaven amongst the stars, and hell in the fiery core and dark depths. Laughable really. So heaven is like sooooooo big in the universe of stars (and planets and blackholes and meteors and comets and other space-stuff that isnt stars. i mean, really) So hell is like this tiny little small space underneath us. All hell in the universe is concentrated in our tiny puny planet, and underground. And nobody who goes into space ever thinks about being in heaven. Er. Some sort of disjointed reality and logical fallacy here.

How come no one ever cracks jokes about astronauts going to heaven? Is it because they really have such a high chance of dying and no one wants to curse their mission? Is deism too touchy a subject to joke about? Is it too controversial to put into movies? Well there isn’t any economical advantage to adding unnecessary boring issues into an action movie, so no director would do that.

Why does nobody treat aliens like angels from heaven? Perhaps they are. Aren’t angels technically aliens? Since they come from outer space aka heaven and they aren’t native to planet Earth – the definition of alien.

Kingdom of Heaven

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