Julien Julien Julien

Goodnight goodnight as I lay in bed
Where my body is so tired I have no idea which position is best.

And zera appears in my thoughts. Why? I have no idea why. One of those random moments. It doesn’t happen every single night, lest you worry. But once in awhile. Briefly. And so I was thinking about it. But what’s the point of telling anyone about it. Its 11.30 pm, and there’s really nothing to say, nothing new to say. You’ve heard it all, you know the story (of course you don’t remember all the details). Of what happened two decembers ago, when I shopped for my Seiko, when I went to the hospital. When I had my birthday too. But I think I have mentioned before two close guy friends can do surprisingly lots of things together but talk very little about things. Talking’s quite a girl thing after all. I digress. And there was january. Where there was skipping school and chai and CNY and pseudo-badminton and tragedy. But you’ve heard it all before, and I’ve recounted it so many times (more times to myself). Donc voila.

and I had a nightmare. And when you turned around I had died, with bloodshot eyes, maimed in perhaps a renovation accident. its the middle of the night, there really isnt any point in calling up anyone. cant get the image out of my mind.

‘Julien Julien Julien,’ you said.
‘Don’t die. Don’t die.’

Julien Julien Julien

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