100 photos from Japan

Can’t believe I managed to pick out exactly 100 photos. A lovely memorable colorful swatch of the beautiful moments in Japan.

Totally makes it worth it to lug all my camera gear around.

What does one say of Japan? It’s an eccentric, crazy, beautiful, unique country that is not quite like most others. Tokyo (2nd time) was as busy, delicious, fun, crowded, bright, and unlimited in activity. Hakone/Fuji was touristy yet still really beautiful and peaceful in it’s own right, with lots of lovely moments, I would highly recommend it. Lake Kawaguchiko was an average detour, but we couldn’t really go all the way there so close and yet not try to see Fuji-san properly. Kusatsu was a huge distance away, and we could have saved so much time if we skipped it, but it was a really delightful town, it gave us a beautiful snowy morning.

It was very fun to meet our friends – in the park over tea, in Google tower over breakfast, in the park over sakura hanami picnic, and in the hotel too. We managed to catch the cherry blossom blooms, and stay in hotels, ryokans, airbnbs. I think it was lovely.


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